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T. Rex Biography

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Band Information Music Style: Glam Rock, Folk RockCountry: United KingdomYear: 1967-1977 Line-upMarc BolanSteve Peregrin TookMickey FinnBill LegendSteve CurrieHerbie FlowersDino DinesTony NewmanJack GreenGloria JonesDave LuttonTony ViscontiBiographyT. Rex was an English rock band that achieved success in the 70’s as a glam rock group. The band was founded by vocalist and guitarist Marc Bolan in August of 1967. The band first gained moderate success as an acoustic band playing eccentric, pastoral…

Graham Colton Biography

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Graham Colton Band

Information Music: Pop, RockCountry: Oklahoma, USAYear: 2002-PresentWebsite: www.grahamcolton.com  Line-up:Graham Patrick ColtonGraham Colton BiographyGraham Patrick Colton, born on November 6, 1981, is lead singer of Graham Colton Band . He attended Southern Methodist University where he began writing and performing songs in and around the Dallas pubs and coffee houses. The Internet became his road to fame, where he posted his compositions. He recorded his songs with his meager budget into a de…

Espen Lind Biography

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Band Information Music: Pop/RockCountry: NorwayYear: 1995-presentWebsite: http://www.espenlind.co.uk  (unofficial)Band Line-up:Espen LindEspen Lind BiographyEspen Lind is a Norwegian songwriter, producer, singer, and multi-instrumentalist. His first solo album, Mmm…Prepare To Be Swayed, was released in 1995 under the moniker Sway. Only released in Norway, it sold a mere 5,000 copies but received was praised by critics. His major breakthrough came in 1997 with the single “When Susannah Cries” f…

Bachelor Girl Biography

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Bachelor Girl

Band InformationMusic: Pop, pop rock, indieCountry: Australia Year: 1997-2003Website: noneLine-up:Tania DokoJames RocheBachelor Girl BiographyFormed in Melbourne in 1992, Victoria, Australia in 1992 Bachelor Girl is an Australian pop band that consists of singer Tania Doko and writer/instrumentalist James Roche. Their debut single, “Buses and Trains”, was an international hit, but other releases have only been successful in Australian charts.The band split in 2003 after the release of their seco…

James Blunt Biography

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James Blunt

InformationMusic: Pop rockCountry: EnglandYear: 2004 – presentWebsite: www.JamesBlunt.com Band Line-up:James Hillier BluntJames Blunt BiographyJames Blunt is a Grammy Award-nominated English singer-songwriter. His debut album, Back to Bedlam, and the single, “You’re Beautiful” – brought him to fame in 2005. His style is a mix of pop and folk rock. He also performs the piano and guitar. He was nominated for five Grammy Awards in 2006, including Best New Artist.James Blunt Discography2004: Back to…

America Biography

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America Band

Band Information Music Style: Folk RockCountry: United KingdomYear: 1970- PresentWebsite: http://www.venturahighway.com/Line-upCURRENTGerry BeckleyDewey BunnellWillie LeacoxMichael WoodsRichard CampbellFORMERDan PeekJoe OsbornHal BlaineDavid DickeyJim CalireTom WalshTony GarofoloBrad PalmerBiographyAmerica is an American-English folk rock band haling fro London. It was first composed of the trio of Gerry Beckley, Dewey Bunnell, and Dan Peek, sons of American fathers with British mothers. The tri…

Huey Lewis and The News Biography

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Huey Lewis and The News

Band Information Music Style: Pop RockCountry: United StatesYear: 1978- PresentLine-upCURRENTHuey LewisJohn PierceStef BurnsTal MorrisMarvin McFaddenRon StallingsRob SudduthSean HopperBill GibsonJohnny CollaFORMERMario CipollinaChris HayesBiographyHuey Lewis and The News is a popular and award winning American rock band that hails from San Francisco, California. The band enjoyed success sometime during the 80’s where they were known for their light-hearted songs from the perspective of the worki…

Ivri Lider Biography

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Ivri Lider

InformationMusic: Pop RockCountry: Israel Year: 1997 – presentWebsite: www.ivrilider.com  Ivri Lider BiographyIvri Lider is an openly gay Israeli musician. Born in 1974, Ivri took his first musical steps while still in high school. He is training his musical skills when Anat Danieli, a renowned Israeli dance choreographer, asked Ivri compose the music for two of her pieces, “Kisses” and “October.” He was then asked by Ohad Naharrin to compose the music for “Kaamos.” He was only 21 when he was co…

Maroon 5 Biography

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Marron 5

Band InformationMusic Style: pop rock, soul rockCountry: USAYear: 2001 to presentWebsite: http://www.maroon5.com Maroon 5 Line-upAdam Levine – lead vocals, guitarJames Valentine – guitarJesse Carmichael – keyboardsMickey Madden – bassMatt Flynn -drumsMaroon 5 BiographyMaroon 5 is an Grammy-Award winning American rock band from Los Angeles, california which is best known for hits songs including “This Love,” “She Will Be Loved,” and “makes Me Wonder.” Their debut album, “Songs About Jane” has rea…

ZZ Top Biography

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ZZ Top

ZZ Top is an American blues rock band composed of vocalist and guitarist Billy Gibbons, bassist and vocalist Dusty Hill and drummer Frank Beard. The band formed in Houston, Texas sometime in 1969. They trio first came from different Texas based bands. The trio joined forces in 1969 when Gibbons invited Beard to become a part of his blues rock trio. Beard referred Hill as bassist for the band and ZZ Top was born. The band played their first show in February of 1970. They continually went on tours…