Led Zeppelin Trivia

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Led Zeppelin has been considered as one of the most famous rock bands of all time. They were considered as one of the pioneers of the heavy metal genre that brought about countless other bands that cited them as one of their major influences. Here are some interesting Led Zeppelin trivia for all the Led Heads out there:

1. Led Zeppelin originated from the ashes left by the band called The Yardbirds, who themselves were very popular during their time with Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck as members.

2. Jimmy Page, as a member of The Yardbirds then, continued using the name of the band in order to fulfill remaining commitments although most of the original members of the band have left off.

3. Led Zep’s guitarist, Jimmy Page was inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame two times, one as a member of The Yardbirds and the other one for Led Zeppelin.

4. John Paul Jones was the only Led Zeppelin band member to ever use a stage name. His real name was john Baldwin. The other Led Zeppelin band members used their real names.

5. Led Zeppelin’s fourth album had no official title. It merely had four symbols on it for identification. Robert Plant often called it only as the Fourth Album. It was said that Led Zeppelin’s fourth album used intriguing symbols for the title in answer to the media labeling them as hyped. With the symbols as the supposed title, Jimmy Page wanted to prove that the album would sell itself without the name of the band associated with it.

6. Maybe because people were intrigued or for some other reason, the so-called Fourth Album has sold the most copies out of Led Zeppelin’s albums, even though it was not able to reach the number one spot on the charts during its time.

7. Of the various Led Zeppelin’s songs, “Stairway to Heaven” was considered the most requested and the most played rock song of all time. The song wasn’t released as a single so it is not comparable to the best-selling single of all time which is “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston of “The Bodyguard” fame.

8. The actual line-up planned for Led Zeppelin actually included Jeff Beck on guitars, The Who’s Keith Moon on drums and John Entwhistle on bass, with vocalists Donovan, Steve Winwood and Steve Marriott considered to become the frontman for the project.

9. Led Zeppelin would have continued on as a band if it were not for drummer John Bonham’s untimely death in the 1980’s of asphyxiation due to an over excess of alcohol.

10. The original name for the group that Jimmy Page planned to put up was The New Yardbirds. They were able work out their debut album for just under 30 hours. They later changed their name to Led Zeppelin in order not to be associated with The Yardbird’s older works.

11. During their success, Led Zeppelin were known for their excess. They were the first bands to rent whole sections of five-star hotels just for their own use.