The Psychedelic Furs Biography

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The Psychedelic FursBand Information

Music Style: Post Punk

Country: United Kingdom

Year: 1977- 1991, 2000- Present




John Ashton
Richard Butler
Tim Butler
Frank Ferrer
Amanda Kramer
Mars Williams


Vince Ely
Duncan Kilburn
Roger Morris


The Psychedelic Furs is an English rock band that formed during England’s emerging punk scene in 1977. The band found success in 1980 with their first self-titled LP which established the band on UK radio. The album also enjoyed success in Germany, Italy, France and Australia.

The band was able to conquer even the US shores in 1981 with their second album offering, Talk Talk Talk. Popular favorites in the album include the songs "Dumb Waiters" and "Pretty in Pink". The band went on to become a staple of US College and modern rock radio stations as well as making it to the charts many times during their career.


The Psychedelic Furs- Released 1980
Talk Talk Talk- Released 1981
Forever Now- Released 1982
Mirror Moves- Released 1984
Midnight to Midnight- Released 1987
Book of Days- Released 1989
World Outside- Released 1991


The Psychedelic Furs’ song, "Pretty in Pink" was the inspiration for the highly successful 1986 film by the same title.

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