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The ClashThe Clash was an English punk rock band that formed out of West London in 1976. They were considered as part of the original wave of punk rock bands to come out of UK in the late 70’s.

They were also known for being one of the first bands to incorporate their type of punk music with a variety of other styles, most notable reggae, rockabilly, dance and jazz. The Clash was also known for their passionate, left-wing political idealism that they incorporate into their songs.

The original line-up of The Clash was composed Joe Strummer on vocals and rhythm guitar, Mick Jones on lead guitar, Paul Simonon on bass and Topper Headon on drums. For their first gig, the newly formed band supported the Sex Pistols on July 4, 1976.

Someone from CBS Records was able to hear the new band play and was eventually signed by the label that autumn. The Clash then went on to release their first single and their self titled album the next year. It achieved considerable success in the UK as it went on to reach the 12th spot on the UK charts.

Their record label however did not release their debut record on the same year in the US. Eventually, it took until 1979 that CBS Records was able to release a version of the band’s debut album on US shores. The difference in the release dates of the album between the two countries may have contributed in making the UK album version of The Clash as the best selling import album of all time in the US.

The Clash made a second album, Give ‘Em Enough Rope, which increased their fan base in the US. It eventually led to their critical and breakthrough third album, London Calling. This double album featured the band’s versatility in music styles as they not only featured straight punk rock song in London Calling but also other songs that incorporated other musical styles such as reggae, rockabilly, R&B, hard rock and even lounge music. London Calling is a critically acclaimed album that is always considered as one of the greatest rock albums of all time.

The Clash was also known as a band that protested against monarchy and aristocracy in the UK along with other punk bands. But they did not adhere to the overall sentiment of nihilism which most other punk bands in the era tried to uphold and believe in. their early recordings try to encourages otherwise disaffected youth to become more politically active through their songs that contained messages from expressed discontent over low paying production line style jobs to political complacency.

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