Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Biography

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Red Jumpsuit ApparatusBand Information

Music Style: Emo, Post Hardcore, Pop Punk

Country: United States

Year: 2003_-Present



Ronnie Winter- vocals
Duke Kitchens- guitar
Elias Reidy- lead guitar
Joey Westwood- bass
Jon Wilkes- drummer


The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus is an American post hardcore band hails from Jacksonville, Florida. The band was started by vocalist Ronnie Winter and guitarist Duke Kitchens just for kicks. The two didn’t really have any intention of playing shows or releasing a record when they first started. They got together and wrote songs and rehearsed for 18 months. They were encouraged to play gigs when friends heard them while jamming. It was then that the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus started booking gigs and invaded the local scene.

It was not long after that locals were beginning to embrace their songs and their local fan base grew. Further encouraged by the response, the band tried their hand at recording so they contacted a local studio owner for advice. When the band got a resounding yes, they proceeded to record their first EP.

The band then went on to sell their EP by promoting it whenever and wherever they could- at concerts, at schools and campuses, online, at the malls, at the beaches and many other locations across Florida. Despite their aggressive self-promoting campaign, the band didn’t seem to get the attention of the major labels just as fast as their fan base was continuing to grow on the local music scene. Some of the founding band members decided to quit while Winter and Kitchens decided to move on.

The remaining founding members decided to revamp their line-up and continued to approach different music labels. Their rapidly increasing fan base eventually got the attention of Virgin Records where the band eventually signed up. In 2006 the band was able to release their first LP, Don’t You Fake It. It has since been certified Platinum by the RIAA and has sold over a million copies in the US.


The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus- 2005
Don’t You Fake It- 2006


The name of the band, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus has no special meaning according to the band members. It was stemmed from placing random words on the wall and making each band member to choose three words while blindfolded.

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