Jimmy Eat World Biography

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Jimmy Eat WorldBand Information

Music Style: Alternative Rock, Emo, Pop Punk
Country: United States
Year: 1993- Present
Website: www.jimmyeatworld.com



Jim Adkins – lead vocals, guitar
Tom Linton – guitar, vocals
Rick Burch – bass
Zach Lind – drums


Mitch Porter


Jimmy Eat World is an American alternative rock band that hails from Mesa, Arizona. The band was formed by guitarist and singer Jim Adkins with drummer Zach Lind in 1993. The band started out emulating punk rock influences before they started experimenting with a sub-genre in the hardcore punk scene known as "emocore".

The band was able to catch the attention of a scout for Capitol Records while touring in 1995, from which their got their first recording contract shortly after. Ironically, the band enjoyed its biggest success after being released by their label. It was on their 2001 album, Bleed American that the mainstream music fans were able to appreciate the band’s music. Its single, "The Middle" was able to reach the fifth spot on the Billboard Hot 100 Charts.


1994 – Jimmy Eat World
1996 – Static Prevails
1999 – Clarity
2001 – Bleed American
2004 – Futures
2007 – Chase This Light


The band’s 2001 album Bleed American was reissued and retitled as Jimmy Eat World following the Sept. 11 attacks out of concern for the former album title being misinterpreted.

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