Blink 182 Biography

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Blink 182Band Information

Music Style:  Punk Rock
Country: United States
Year: 1992- 2005


Mark Hoppus – Bass, Vocals
Travis Barker – Drums
Tom DeLonge – Guitar, Vocals
Scott Raynor – Drums (1992 – 1998)


Blink 182 was an American punk rock band that formed in San Diego, California in 1992. The band started out by independently recording and releasing an EP in 1993 and the album Buddha. Originally having the name Blink, the band was forced to add the number "182" when they were threatened by a lawsuit coming from an earlier Irish band using the same name.

The band enjoyed moderate success early on and was fortunate enough to be signed with Cargo Records and later on, MCA in 1996. Their Dude Ranch album in 1996 was recorded under Cargo Records but was distributed under MCA to handle increased distribution. The album was a commercial success worldwide, fueled by the strength of its single "Dammit" which did very well on the US Modern Rock charts. The album sold over four million copies all over the world.

The band eventually enjoyed mainstream success with the release of their 1999 album, Enema of the State. It contained the hit singles, "What’s My Age Again", "Adam’s Song" and "All the Small Things". The hit singles had a good run of airplay on MTV, providing a way to reach out to a wider audience. Enema went on to sell over 15 million albums worldwide. The band followed their success with another album in 2001, Take Off Your Pants and Jacket, and then with Blink- 182 in 2003.

The band became popular for their simple yet catchy punk influenced tunes that they combine with some humor in their videos. At the height of their popularity, the band surprisingly announced in 2005 that they will go on an indefinite hiatus that later on led to the band slowly dissolve. Reasons for the break up included growing tensions between the band members as well as taking time off to spend with their families.


Cheshire Cat
Dude Ranch
Enema of the State
Take Off Your Pants and Jacket


The band’s drummer, Travis Barker, was spotlighted on an MTV reality show entitled Meet the Barker’s chronicling the life with his family.

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