311 Band Biography

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Band Information

Music Style:  Reggae Rock, Ska, Funk Rock, Alternative Rock

Country: United States

Year: 1989- Present

Website: www.311.com



Nick Hexum – Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Programming (1989 – present)
Doug "SA" Martinez – Vocals, DJ (1992 – present)
Tim Mahoney – Lead Guitar (1991 – present)
Aaron "P-Nut" Wills – Bass Guitar (1989 – present)
Chad Sexton – Drums, Programming (1989 – present)


Jim Watson – Lead Guitar (1989 – 1991)


311, usually pronounced as "three eleven", is a rock band from Omaha, Nebraska that in mostly influenced by ska, funk, hip hop and reggae. With their widely established fan base, the band has been able to enjoy considerable success since they put out their self-titled album in 1995. Almost all of their albums since then have found itself on the Top 15 of the Billboard 200 Charts. Five of their singles have been able to get into the Top 3 of the Billboard Modern Rock Track Chart.

The band first started by releasing their records independently, thanks to the little record company that fellow band member Nick Hexum started in 1990. They enjoyed quite a successful run of independently promoting and selling their records at shows and by consignment at music stores in their area. In 1992, the band relocated to LA after recording a six-track demo tape. The move gave the band their first label signing with Capricorn Records.

The band was able to get their mainstream breakthrough in 1995 with their self-titled CD which was recorded live instead of having the different instruments recorded separately. This was followed by several other albums with their songs showing a mix of funk, reggae, hip hop and alternative rock influences. They also became popular with their live performances.


Music- Released 1993
Grassroots- Released 1994
311- Released 1995
Transistor- Released 1997
Soundsystem- Released 1999
From Chaos- Released 2001
Evolver- Released 2003
Don’t Tread on Me- Released 2005


The band celebrates March 11 (for 311) as a "band holiday". Every year, the band and thousands of their fans gather together in New Orleans to play an extended concert that can go for several hours and lasting from 47 to 60 songs.