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coheed and cambriaBand Information

Music Style: Progressive Rock
Country: United States
Year: 1995- Present




Claudio Sanchez – lead vocals, guitars, keyboards, synth (1995 – present)
Travis Stever – guitars, lap steel, vocals (1995, 1999 – present)
Michael Todd – bass, vocals (1996 – 2006, 2007 – present)
Chris Pennie – drums, percussion (2007 – present)



Josh Eppard – drums, percussion, vocals, keyboards (2001 – 2006)
Nate Kelley – drums, percussion (1995 – 2001)
Jon Carleo – bass (1995 – 1996)



Coheed and Cambria is a progressive rock band that hails from New York. The core of the band started out in 1995 when Claudio Sanchez, Travis Stever and Nate Kelley joined together to start the band called Beautiful Loser. The new band was short-lived but went on to exist under different band names as well as going through several line-up changes. It was also during this time that the band was experimenting with different musical styles.

The band changed their name to Coheed and Cambria sometime in 2000 after signing with Equal Vision Records who asked that the band’s name be changed. In 2002, the band released its first studio album, The Second Stage Turning Blade. Their initial offering was influenced heavily by post-hardcore rock and already showed signs of their progressive rock sensibilities. The band followed it up with extensive touring which led them to gain a considerable following.

October of 2003 saw the release of their second album, In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth. It featured the hit singles, "A Favor House Atlantic" and "Blood Red Summer" which enjoyed considerable airplay on MTV. The band eventually signed on with major label Columbia Records and went on to release their major label debut album, Good Apollo Volume One in 2005 which is also the band’s most commercially successful album to date. It has sold almost a million copies and peaked at the seventh spot on the Billboard Charts. Good Apollo Volume Two, the band’s follow-up album, was released in 2007 and debuted at the number six spot on the Billboard charts.


The Second Stage Turbine Blade – ( Released February 2002)

In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3 – ( Released October 2003)

Good Apollo, I’m Burning Star IV, Volume One: From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness – ( Released September 2005)

Good Apollo, I’m Burning Star IV, Volume Two: No World for Tomorrow – ( Released October 2007)


Coheed and Cambria’s albums are concept albums in that each one reveals a plotline to a storyline that is called The Armory Wars, which was written by the band’s lead singer, Claudio Sanchez.


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