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The WhoThe Who was considered as one of the most influential bands during the 1960’s. This was the time when rock n’ roll was beginning to take the world by storm. And it was also during this era that several British bands began their invasion into worldwide prominence.

Along with the Beatles and The Rolling Stones, The Who were considered as the bands that defined rock n’ roll in the 1960’s. The three bands were seen as worthy to the title "The Greatest Band in the World".

The Who was known for the dynamism and the energy that they put into their live performances. They were also known for their thoughtful and art-influenced musical creations. In the early days, they took The Detours as their band name and were playing mostly R&B songs.

The band subsequently changed their name to The Who in 1964. It was during this time that Keith Moon, the band’s wildly popular and extremely talented drummer, joined the band and the classic Who line-up was finally completed. It was this line up that stood and defined what the band was all about for the next 14 years.

The Who members were Roger Daltrey on lead vocals, Pete Townshend on guitar, John Entwistle on bass guitar, and Keith Moon on drums. The Who became one of the most popular bands during the 60’s among the British Mods, a social movement of the early 1960’s which rejected the type of "greaser" music which was favored by their opposites, the Rockers.

The members of The Who are acknowledged today as rock pioneers. They set the trend of using power chords and popularizing the rock opera along with contemporaries The Kinks.

Their songs and live performances were usually highlighted by Pete Townshend’s distinctive power chords, Keith Moon’s explosive drumming style, John Entwistle’s nimble bass play and frontman Roger Daltrey’s powerful vocals.

Their songs mostly too on constant themes of youthful rebellion and romantic confusion and were considered as the formative influences for future hard rock and power pop musical genre. Their unique and wildly electrifying live performances were one of a kind during their time. The Who was known for their loud and violent concerts which were emulated by modern punk rock and heavy metal bands.

In their early days, The Who were notorious for their auto-destructive art displays. They were the first band known to destroy their instruments at the end of shows which was a novel idea at that time and prove to be the attraction that made the band even more popular.

It was known that The Who was great because they were composed of some of the most talented and the most innovative musicians ever. The who was said to have had the greatest drummer ever in Keith moon. Keith Moon’s superb drum playing continually amazed a legion of would-be drummers and fans until his death in 1978.

The Who was also known to have greatest bassist ever to play the instrument in John Entwhistle. The Who also had one of the most awesome singers to provide the vocals in Roger Daltrey. Add to that a guitarist who could excel at playing both the rhythm and the lead in the person of the great Pete Townsend.

In fact, Pete Townsend was one of the most copied guitarists in England aside from being known as one of the greatest song-writers ever to come out of the tumultuous 1960’s. As a group, The Who became a band that trudged on their own path to rock n’ roll history.

There were no other bands that came before them that played and captured the imagination and thrilled fans the way they did. They truly are worthy to be called as one of the Greatest Rock n’ Roll Bands ever to come out and grace the worldwide stage.

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