Survivor Biography

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Survivor is an American rock band that was formed in 1977. Its core members were keyboardist Jim Peterik and guitarist Frankie Sullivan. The band enjoyed considerable success during the 80’s with their brand of adult-oriented rock sound that produced several chart topping singles for the band.

When the band was formed in 1977, the line up was composed of Jim Peterik and Frankie Sullivan along with vocalist Dave Bickler, bassist Dennis Johnson and drummer Gary Smith. The band had its start playing in local clubs for several years. They were able to release their self-titled debut album sometime in 1979. The album did not result in the type of success that the band was hoping for, with none of the singles ever reaching the Top 40 singles chart.

Their second album however, was able to get them better success. The second album, Premonition which was released in 1981 produced a Top 40 single, "Poor Man’s Son". In 1982, the band was asked by famed actor Sylvester Stallone to provide the theme song for his movie Rocky III. The result was the band’s most popular song, "Eye of the Tiger". The song went on to top the Billboard Charts for six weeks. The song also won a Grammy Award and garnered countless other awards for the band.

To take advantage of the single’s success, the band went on to release another album in 1982, taking the title of their breakthrough single, Eye of the Tiger. The album went on to reach the number 2 spot in the US Charts and produce another hit single for the band, "American Heartbeat". Their follow-up album in 1983 didn’t fare quite as well. The album Caught in the Game only reached as high as the 82nd spot in the Billboard 200 Charts. The commercial disappointment of the album was further complicated by the voice problems suffered by lead singer Dave Bickler which prompted the band to replace him with Jimi Jamison.

1984 saw the band getting another run at success with their single "Moment of Truth", which became part of the soundtrack for the movie The Karate Kid. The band followed up their comeback with the album Vital Signs on the same year. The album peaked at number 16 on the Billboard Album Charts and produced three hit singles. 1985 saw the band also contributing another song for the soundtrack of Rocky IV. The song, "Burning Heart", peaked at number 2 on the Billboard’s Hot 100 Charts.

Their next album released in 1986, When Seconds Count, produced another hit single, "Is This Love". Although the album never charted in the Top 40, it was still able to reach Gold status by selling over 500,000 copies. 1988 saw the band going through a series of line up changes. After releasing another album that became a commercial disappointment for the band, they decided to go on an indefinite hiatus by 1989.

The band reunited for a while in the early 90’s to record two new songs. But contract disputes led the band to separate with vocalist Jamison going solo. In 1993, Sullivan and Peterik reunited with original singer Bickler to release their greatest hits CD. Other line up changes followed. The only original member remaining current line up of the Survivors is Frankie Sullivan.