Ivri Lider Biography

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Ivri LiderInformation

Music: Pop Rock

Country: Israel

Year: 1997 – present

Website: www.ivrilider.com


Ivri Lider Biography

Ivri Lider is an openly gay Israeli musician. Born in 1974, Ivri took his first musical steps while still in high school. He is training his musical skills when Anat Danieli, a renowned Israeli dance choreographer, asked Ivri compose the music for two of her pieces, "Kisses" and "October." He was then asked by Ohad Naharrin to compose the music for "Kaamos." He was only 21 when he was commissioned by Bat Sheva, the country’s leading dance company to compose the entire score for Z/NA. He was then signed up by Helicon Records to produce his first album.

His debut album, "Caressing and Lying" which was released in 1997 became a platinum hit. On the other hand, his second album, "Better Nothing Than Almost" gave him numerous awards as an artist, which includes Performer of the Year. His astounding success also put himself into a major decision and speak honestly about his sexuality. In 2001, through writer Gal Uchovsky, his confession was published in the newspaper Ma’ariv.

Despite some speculations from his management that coming out would hurt his career, things happened otherwise. He received warm acceptance from his fans and received much success. Six years and four more albums later, Ivri’s single "Jesse" was included in Sony Music’s first GLBT compilation, "Revolutions."

Ivri Lider Discography

1997 Caressing And Lying
1999 Better Nothing Than Almost
2002 The New People Gold
2005 It’s Not The Same Thing |
2006 Live CD/DVD

Ivri Lider Trivia

He started a group called Everyone Does It Like This in high school.

At age 21, Ivri is the youngest person to compose an entire evening of music for Batsheva.

He also published a book of poems he had written throughout the last decade.

He is the only non-American in the line-up of artists in the album Revolutions


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