Huey Lewis and The News Biography

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Huey Lewis and The NewsBand Information

Music Style: Pop Rock
Country: United States
Year: 1978- Present



Huey Lewis
John Pierce
Stef Burns
Tal Morris
Marvin McFadden
Ron Stallings
Rob Sudduth
Sean Hopper
Bill Gibson
Johnny Colla


Mario Cipollina
Chris Hayes


Huey Lewis and The News is a popular and award winning American rock band that hails from San Francisco, California. The band enjoyed success sometime during the 80’s where they were known for their light-hearted songs from the perspective of the working class.  The band combined rock with a bit of soul along with the harmonious vocals of Lewis voice. Together, the band was able to come out with numerous hit songs that became very popular in the US during the 80’s and the early 90’s.

The band was first formed in 1978 as Huey Lewis and The American Express. But a complaint from the credit card corporation American Express forced the band to change their name into Huey Lewis and The News in 1980. The band first tasted chart success when a single from their second album, Picture This which was released in 1982. Their hit single, "Do You Believe in Love" fueled the band’s second album to peak at the number 13 spot and remain on the Billboard Charts for 35 weeks.

The band then went through several label delays before they hit another jackpot with their

Third album sports which was released late in 1983. It went on to reach the top of the charts in 1984 and achieve multi-platinum status by 1985. Their next album followed the same route and towards even greater success for the band. Fore!, which was released in 1986, became the band’s second number one album and spawned five Top Ten singles. The album went to become a certified triple platinum success for the band. 


Huey Lewis and the News – Released 1980
Picture This – Released 1982
Sports – Released 1983
Fore! – Released 1986
Small World – Released 1988
Hard at Play – Released 1991
Four Chords & Several Years Ago – Released 1994
Plan B – Released 2001


The band was previously known as Huey Lewis and The American Express. The band eventually has to change their name to Huey Lewis and The News because of complaints coming from the credit card company, American Express.

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