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HeartHeart is an American rock band which rose to fame in the 70’s with their music that was mainly hard rock and with a mix of folk music. They also were able to enjoy further success in the 80’s dishing out a number of power ballads that became a staple on classic rock radio. The band was able to sell over 30 million albums worldwide.

Heart is actually a band composed of sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson, who were the principal mainstays of the band since it started. The Wilson sisters became a part of a band that was formed in 1963 by Steve Fossen, Roger and Mike Fisher that was named White Heart.

The name was shortened to only Heart in 1974. The band found some success on the live circuit when they moved to Canada. While playing several one-nighters in Vancouver, they got the attention of Mushroom Records in 1975.

After being signed to a record contract, Heart went to release a debut album Dreamboat Annie in Canada. It sold well in Canada as well as in the US, powered by three hit singles that became FM radio staples. Their debut album eventually reached platinum status and was able to sell over a million copies. After their debut album, the band broke free from their contract with Mushroom Records in 1977 and went on to sign with Portrait which was a subsidiary of CBS. This transfer resulted to a contract dispute and a legal battle with their previous record label.

Amid the legal troubles they were in, Heart was able to release a second album, Little Queen in 1977 that contained the hit song "Barracuda" which reached number 11 in the charts. Little Queen also became a million seller album for the band. They followed it up with another album Magazine and Dog and Butterfly, which achieved double platinum status in 1978. This also signaled the end of the original line-up of the band consisting of the Wilson sisters and the Fishers. Ann and Nancy Wilson continued with the band, came up with a new line-up, and released Bebe Le Strange in 1980.

The subsequent albums that the band released failed to achieve any of the success that their previous albums did. It placed the band at a career crossroads during the early 80’s. It wasn’t until hey signed a record deal with Capitol in 1985 that the band again had their comeback. Their self titled album with their new record label reached the number one on the US Billboard 200. It eventually stayed on the charts for 92 weeks in 1985. Sales for the album reached quadruple platinum and contained the hits, "These Dreams", "What About Love" and "Nothin’ At All".

Through the 1980’s, Heart was able to enjoy considerable success as a band. The 1990’s saw them take a back seat although some of the band members went through with their own projects. The Wilson sisters put up their own recording studio in Seattle named Bad Animals. The band somewhat reformed and released an album in 2004 named Jupiter’s Darling. Heart is still currently active and continues to perform amid renewed interest among their old as well as new fans.

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