Espen Lind Biography

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Band Information

Music: Pop/Rock
Country: Norway
Year: 1995-present
Website:  (unofficial)

Band Line-up:

Espen Lind

Espen Lind Biography

Espen Lind is a Norwegian songwriter, producer, singer, and multi-instrumentalist. His first solo album, Mmm…Prepare To Be Swayed, was released in 1995 under the moniker Sway. Only released in Norway, it sold a mere 5,000 copies but received was praised by critics.

His major breakthrough came in 1997 with the single "When Susannah Cries" from his second album, Red. The song was a Top 5 hit in several European and Latin American countries, including Norway where it was number 1 for six weeks and the biggest radio record of 1997.

Espen Lind Discography

Mmm…Prepare To Be Swayed (1995) – as Sway
Red (1997) – as Sway
Red (1998) – 2nd version
This Is Pop Music (2001)
April (2005)

Espen Lind Trivia

Espen Lind  has been known most notably as co-writer of both Irreplaceable by Beyoncé and With you by Chris Brown. He also performed the signature acoustic guitar riffs on both records.