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BostonBoston is an American rock band that was popular during the 70’s and the 80’s. Their songs became a staple of rock radio play lists. Some of there famous hits include " Something About You", "More Than a Feeling", "Amanda", "Foreplay/Long Time", "Don’t Look Back", "Smokin’" and "Peace of Mind".

Boston was initially formed by Tom Scholz who was an MIT engineering graduate then working for Polaroid. Scholz, along with some musician friends Barry Goudreau on guitars, Jim Masdea on drums, and vocalist Ron Patti, were doing a series of tape recordings in his home studio but was not satisfied with the sound that he wanted to capture using the current technology then. This made Scholz decide to design and build his own equipment.

The first tapes that Scholz made were rejected by record labels. But a second set of tapes recorded by a new line-up consisting of Scholz on guitar, Brad Delp on vocals and Masdea on drums drew the attention of Epic Records. It eventually led to the release of their self titled debut album which was released in 1976.

It became an enormous success and helped revive the then waning popularity of mainstream rock music when the airwaves was dominated by disco and the upcoming punk music scene. The album became one of the best-selling debut albums in US music history, selling for over 17 million copies.

Even at the beginning, there was much bickering between Epic and Boston founding member Tom Scholz which stem from the production of their albums. This made their second album, Don’t Look Back, took two years to make before it was finally released by Epic in 1978. The second offering sold about four million copies after just a month from its release but sold less than have for what their debut album was able to achieve.

By this time Scholz’s relationship with his record label began to deteriorate even further, with the recording company wanting to capitalize on the band’s success going against a longer time period that Scholz needed to put up an album. Internal conflict also began to brew between Scholz and other band members, primarily outside musicians hired by the record label. Legal troubles began to ensue that later led to the disintegration of the band in 1983.

After a series of lawsuits and legal tussles were fought with Scholz trying to bolt out from his record label, a third album was being planned and it was eventually released in 1986. The album titled Third Stage was met with eager anticipation as it took quite a long time to release in between Boston albums. The eagerness of the fans for new Boston material propelled the album to become the strongest charting album of the band.

The album, along with its carrier single, "Amanda", went to reach the top spot on the Billboard charts. It went on to sell for over 4 million copies, this despite lacking the help of Scholz former record label. Overall, the band was able to release just six albums, including their Greatest Hits compilation.