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America BandBand Information

Music Style: Folk Rock
Country: United Kingdom
Year: 1970- Present



Gerry Beckley
Dewey Bunnell
Willie Leacox
Michael Woods
Richard Campbell


Dan Peek
Joe Osborn
Hal Blaine
David Dickey
Jim Calire
Tom Walsh
Tony Garofolo
Brad Palmer


America is an American-English folk rock band haling fro London. It was first composed of the trio of Gerry Beckley, Dewey Bunnell, and Dan Peek, sons of American fathers with British mothers. The trio attended the same high school at Bushy Park in London in the 1960’s.

Sometime in the late 60’s, the three started to hook up and collaborated in making songs. They were able to develop their sound incorporating vocal harmonies of the trio along with the instruments similar to that of contemporary folk rock acts Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. They then decided to call their band America in 1970 in honor to the name of their father’s homeland. The band then went on to release their debut self titled album in 1971, which was met with just moderate success.

Later on, the band went to release a single, "A Horse with No Name". It became a huge hit worldwide that further led to the band re-releasing their debut album in 1972 with the added hit song. This led the album to achieve platinum status a short time later. With this success, the band then decided to relocate to the US.

The band then released their second album, Homecoming in 1972. It garnered a Top Ten hit in "Ventura Highway", the huge success which also gave the band a Grammy Award for Best New Artist in 1972. The band then went on to release follow up albums to mixed successes. Their next hit would come from their 1974 album Holiday. The song "Tin Man" went into the Top Ten in 1975. This success was followed by the hit song "Sister Golden Hair" that charted on same year which came from their follow-up LP, Hearts.


America (1971) Platinum
Homecoming (1972) Platinum
Hat Trick (1973) Gold
Holiday (1974) Gold
Hearts (1975) Gold
History: America’s Greatest Hits (1975) 4X Platinum
Hideaway (1976) Gold
Harbor (1977)
Live (1977)
Silent Letter (1979)
Alibi (1980)
View From The Ground (1982)
The Last Unicorn (1982)
Your Move (1983)
Perspective (1984)
In Concert (1985)
Encore: More Greatest Hits (1991)
Hourglass (1994)
In Concert (King Biscuit) (1995)
Horse With No Name (1995)
You Can Do Magic (1998)
Human Nature (1998)
Live (1999)
Highway: 30 Years Of America (2000)
The Complete Greatest Hits (2001)
Holiday Harmony (2002)
The Grand Cayman Concert (2002)
Here & Now (2007)


The band actually hailed from England, as contrary to what their name may suggest.