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The CureThe Cure is an English rock band that became popular during the 80’s and the 90’s. The band was formed in January of 1976 in Sussex by Robert Smith, along with bassist Michael Dempsey, guitarist Porl Thompson and drummer Lol Tolhurst. The band was then composed of high school students.

The band, initially known as The Easy Cure, won a talent competition in 1977 and was able to sign with the German label Hansa Records. Although the band recorded some tracks for the label, none of them were released.

Conflicts between the band and the label on which musical direction to take led to the dissolution of their contract by March of 1978 with Hansa. Thompson was also released from the band on May of the same year. The remaining trio of Smith, Tolhurst and Dempsey was renamed the band as The Cure.

The renamed band went on to record some of their material that became demo tapes that the band sent to a dozen major record labels through their demo, the band was again able to sign a contract with new label in September of 1978. The Cure released their debut album, Three Imaginary Boys in May of 1979. The band then went on to tour to help promote their album. The band then went on to release two non-album singles with one of them, "Boys Don’t Cry" able to achieve minor success in the US. This led their label to re-release their debut album overseas and renamed Boys Don’t Cry.

In 1980, the band went on to release their second album, Seventeen Seconds. It was bale to reach the number 20 spot on the UK Charts. The single "A Forest" became the band’s first major hit single when it was able to reach the 31st spot on the singles chart. It was the first album that led the band to create a series of material based on misery, gloom and somber lyrics. This was followed by their 1981 album, Faith. This went on to hit the number 14 spot on the charts. I

n 1982, the band released Pornography which was their third and final album to have that somber mood of their previous two albums. Pornography went on to become the band’s first Top 10 album in the UK when it entered the charts at number eight. The band followed it up by a worldwide tour where the band started to change their image.

The band went through a number of line up changes during their career, with Smith the only member to have remained of the group. Along with a handful of tours and other successful albums, The Cure went on to become one of the few bands who were able to redefine themselves and their music and still achieve success. The band still continues to perform as well as on work to release another album by 2008.


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