Eurythmics Biography

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EurytmicsBand Information

Music Style: New Wave, Synth Pop, Rock

Country: United Kingdom

Year: 1980- 1990, 1999- Present



Annie Lennox
David A. Stewart


Eurythmics is a British musical duo composed of singer Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart. The duo started their highly successful pair up in 1980. They previously worked together as members of the band The Tourists. But personal and management wrangling within the band made the duo split up and start off what has become Eurythmics.

The duo’s first commercial breakthrough came with their Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) which made the band a huge commercial success in both sides of the Atlantic, fueled by the immense success of the single of the same name with its highly catchy yet dark and powerfully sequenced synth bass line. This success led to further album and single releases that went on to sell over 75 million records worldwide, successful world tours, and garnering numerous awards for the talented duo.


In the Garden – Released 1981
Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) – Released 1983
Touch – Released 1983
Be Yourself Tonight – Released 1985
Revenge – Released 1986
Savage – Released 1987
We Too Are One – Released 1989
Greatest Hits – Released 1991
Peace – Released 1999


Before they became Eurythmics, Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart were romantically linked as a couple. They decided to break off their romance in order to concentrate on their music.