Blondie Biography

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BlondieBlondie is an American rock band that became popular in the 70’s and was considered as one of the pioneers of the punk rock and New Wave music scenes.

The band initially enjoyed most of their success overseas, especially in the UK and in Australia. It was not until 1978 that the band was able to reach that level of success in the US. Overall the band was able to sell over 40 million records.

It was in 1975 that guitarist Chris Stein and vocalist Debbie Harry formed the band Blondie after parting ways with their respective bands. They were joined by keyboardist Jimmy Destri, drummer Clem Burke and bassist Gary Valentine.

The band became a regular at Club 51 in New York as well as the famed club CBGB. The band soon was able to sign a record deal with Private Stock Records from which they released their self titled debut album in 1976.

They first achieve success in Australia in 1977 where their song "In the Flesh" became popular after being featured in the music television program Countdown. The single was able to reach the Top 5 on the Australian charts with their subsequent single releases also enjoying considerable success. The band followed it up with a successful tour around Australia.

Their second album, Plastic Letters was released in 1977. Aside from becoming popular in Australia, the album also produced hit singles that became popular in the UK. And again the band followed it up with a successful UK tour in 1978 and made the band the one of the first American New Wave bands to make it big in the UK.

Their third album Parallel Lines, finally gave the band their first US hit. Their song "Heart of Glass" was a worldwide success that sold for a million copies and enjoyed major airplay on rock radio stations. Other successful singles followed that further led the band to enjoy greater success and achieve celebrity status.

After their success in the late 70’s leading to the early 80’s, Blondie took a brief break in 1981 with Debbie Harry and some of the members went on to do solo projects. The band reunited in 1982 and released The Hunter. It was not received as well as their previous albums and was considered a commercial disappointment for the band.

By this time tensions have grown serious among the band members, mainly because of Debbie Harry’s rise in celebrity that became the focus rather than the band. Tensions reached a breaking point when Chris Stein was diagnosed with a life threatening ailment that led to the band’s break up in 1982.

In 1996, Stein began to make plans in reuniting the band after a number of fans began to build renewed interest of their previous hits. The band eventually reformed in 1997. The band was able to produce a hit single, "Maria" in 1999. The band still continues to be active doing live performances.

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