Underoath Biography

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Band Information

Music Style: Christian Metalcore, Post-Hardcore

Country: United States

Year: 1998- Present

Website: www.underoath777.com



Spencer Chamberlain (2003 – Present) – Screaming Vocals
Timothy McTague (2001 – Present) – Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals
James Smith (2003 – Present) – Rhythm Guitar
Christopher Dudley (2000 – Present) – Keyboards
Grant Brandell (2002 – Present) – Bass
Aaron Gillespie (1998 – Present) – Drums/Clean Vocals


Dallas Taylor (1998 – 2003) – Screaming Vocals
Corey Steger (1998 – 2001) – Rhythm Guitar
Ray Anasco (1998 – 1999) – Bass
Luke Morton (1998 – 1999) – Lead Guitar
Octavio Fernandez (1999 – 2002) – Bass
Matthew Clark (2000 – 2001) – Bass
Billy Nottke (2000 – 2001) – Bass
Scott Nunn (2002 – 2003) – Rhythm Guitar


Underoath is a Christian metalcore band that hailed from Tampa, Florida. The band is credited for having the highest charting Christian album on the Billboard 200 since 1997. Their two albums under their current label, Tooth & Nail Records brought them mainstream and commercial success, also making them the said label’s best selling band to date.

The band was formed by former vocalist Dallas Taylor in 1998. After a year, the band was able to ink a deal with Takehold Records which was later on taken over by Seattle’s Tooth & Nail Records. The band then released its first album under the label, The Changing of Times, in 2002. It was during touring to promote the album that founding member Taylor abruptly left in 2003. The band moved on and took another vocalist in its fold in Spencer Chamberlain.

Over time, the band has gone through a number of line-up changes. To date, the band is composed of a six-piece band that has gone through consistent touring which helped gain them a large fan base.


Act of Depression- Released 1999
Cries of the Past- Released 2000
The Changing of Times- Released 2002
They’re Only Chasing Safety- Released 2004
Define the Great Line- Released 2006


Underoath to date owns the highest charting Christian album on the Billboard 200 Charts. Their "Define the Great Line" album peaked at number two on the Billboard Charts and sold over 500,000 copies.