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Twisted SisterTwisted Sister is an American heavy metal band that hailed from New York City. The band had its roots when guitarist Jay Jay French joined a band called Silverstar in 1973 which later on changed their name to Twisted Sister.

The other members of the band eventually left with French getting guitarist Eddie "Fingers" Ojeda, drummer Kevin John Grace and bassist Kenny Neill to reform the band’s line up in 1975. Twisted Sister then began taking the glam rock direction in their performances but without much success.

It was up until 1976 that the band’s fortune began to take a good turn. It was the time when Dee Snider was able to join the band as lead vocalist and its principal songwriter. During this time, drummer Grace was also replaced by Tony Petri. The band also began taking a heavier musical direction along the likes of Black Sabbath and Motorhead, all the while bringing along their glam image.

With Snider’s talent as a good front man, the band began to enjoy considerable success in the local club circuit, this despite glam getting out of fashion. Twisted Sister began to break attendance records in most of the large halls that they were playing in the Tri-State region. Along the way, they began to build up a considerable fan base.

But despite their success, no record label was interested to sign them up. The band decided to release a single in 1979 under their own label, Twisted Sister Records. Another one was released sometime in 1980. Along the way, there was a series of line up changes that ended up with Snider on vocals, French on guitars, Mark Mendoza on bass and AJ Spero on drums. The band went on to go to the UK, where they eventually were signed to a British label Secret Records in April of 1982.

The band was able to release their first LP, Under the Blade in 1982 and became a surprise underground hit in the UK. At an appearance on a music TV program, Atlantic Records signed up the band to a contract, just in time when Secret Records went out of business. The band went to be known internationally with the release of their LP Stay Hungry in 1984. It sold for more than two million copies in 1985 and went on to sell for three million more.

The videos for the band’s hit singles, "We’re Not Gonna Take It" and "I Wanna Rock" began to receive heavy airplay on MTV that gave the additional mass appeal. Their next album, Come Out and Play was not as successful as their previous album but was able to reach gold status on sales of 500,000 copies in 1985. The tour after the release of their LP also suffered with low attendance as well as several cancelled dates. By 1987, the band broke up and was formally announced early in 1988.

In 2001, the band reunited to play at a benefit concert in New York. The reaction to their reappearance to the concert scene was overwhelming with demand for more dates. They currently have gone through several live performances and have signed with a new record label, Razor and Tie.

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