Tool Biography

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Tool is an American Rock Band known for their complex, progressive style of heavy rock sound. They formed sometime in 1990 in Los Angeles, California composed of Maynard James Keenan, Danny Carey, Adam Jones and Justin Chancellor.

Their first album came out as a heavy metal sound among the more popular thrash metal during that time. They eventually evolved and later seen as one of the top bands seen on the alternative metal scene that was then gaining ground among metal fans. And their experimentation with their sound continued on and they eventually became known for their live performances where they try to unify their distinct sound with visual arts that became quite a unique experience among their fans.

The band started out when Jones and Keenan met sometime in 1989 through a mutual friend. When Keenan played a tape recording of himself singing with a band, Jones became impressed with Keenan’s voice that he began to talk about starting a band. They started jamming together and went on the lookout for a bass player and a drummer to complete the line up. Eventually they came upon Paul D’Amour and became their bassist along with Danny Carey as their drummer.

After only a few live gigs, they were approached by several recording companies. And in a span of three months into their career as a band, they were able to sign a record deal with Zoo Entertainment.

In March of 1992 they came out with their first album named "Opiate" which introduced them into the mainstream and geared them up towards their journey towards their growing popularity. They were also able to come out with another album the following year, coupled with a series of live performances and tours to promote their albums. Slowly, they were able to built up a considerable cult following.

But it was not until they performed live on the Lollapalooza stage during 1993 that Tool began to create waves among the rock fans who came and listened to the many bands at the music festival. Their breakthrough performance further boosted their popularity and eventually became a big influence in their second album, "Undertow", achieving a Gold status that year and reached Platinum status the next year. They created three more albums that were critically acclaimed for showing their gradually evolving sound that made them part of the progressive and art rock genre.

The band is known for their relatively complex long compositions, controversial lyrics as well as their unique album cover art. They have displayed their views on censorship by coming out with songs that may challenge the way regular radio and TV programming sets up their play lists (especially when accompanied with some rather disturbing visual displays on their music videos).

Their rather uncompromising style of going against the norm has provided them with limited airplay on both radio and TV. And yet they have built up a substantial cult following that has spanned all over the world that they are still considered as an immensely popular band.