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SlayerSlayer is an American thrash metal band that was formed in 1981 by guitarists Kerry King and Jeff Hanneman when they met at a band audition. The two founding members later on recruited bassist and vocalist Tom Araya and drummer Dave Lombardo.

The band began by playing cover songs at clubs and parties in Southern California. The band self-financed its way into producing their debut album without the benefit of a recording contract. The band dug into their own pockets and help from friends to come up with the money to head out into the recording studio in 1983.

Their debut album was released just after three weeks of work in the studio. Their debut, Show No Mercy, was able to generate some underground popularity for the band that prompted them to go on a national club tour in order to promote the album. Eventually the debut album was able to sell over 40,000 albums.

Their next notable album was Hell Awaits which featured longer and more complex song structures. It was their first album that was financed by their music label due to the success of their first album. The success of the second album also led the band to eventually sign up with Def Jam Records, although it was a predominantly rap-based label. With a major label working for them, the band began to work on faster and shorter songs with clearer and better sound quality.

Due to its graphic cover art, the third album release of the band, Reign in Blood had difficulties finding a distributor. Eventually the job was taken up by Geffen Records on 1986. In the absence of radio airplay support, the album surprisingly was able to debut at the number 94 spot on the Billboard 200 Charts. The album eventually became the band’s first gold record in the US.

Slayer went on to release several other albums that were met with mixed reviews but nevertheless earned them quite a growing number of fans worldwide. The band continues on to remain active and performing as a band long after their contemporaries already have gone on a hiatus. Their staying power has made them even more popular among thrash metal fans worldwide.

The band is not only known for their successful albums but also for their influence in the thrash and black metal rock scene. Slayer is considered as one of the big four thrash metal bands that came out of the 80’s which included the likes of Anthrax, Megadeth and Metallica. Slayer has been considered as one of the greatest metal bands of all time. The band was praised by their musical and instrumental skills that were usually played at breakneck speed and pretty aggressive material.

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