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Black SabbathBlack Sabbath was an English rock band that formed in Birmingham sometime in 1968. The band is considered to be, along with Led Zeppelin, as the pioneering force behind the birth of the heavy metal music scene.

The original line-up is composed of Ozzy Osbourne on vocals, Tony Iommi on lead guitar, Terence Butler on bass and Bill Ward on drums. There has been a number of line up changes through the years that they ruled the airwaves, but it was this original line-up that contributed to the immense success that Black Sabbath enjoyed.

Black Sabbath started out as a band called the Polka Tulk Blues Company in Aston, Birmingham. They later changed their name to Earth. Sometime in early 1969, the band was being confused with another band going by the same name and this made them decide to change their name into Black Sabbath, after a song written and sung by the band during that time. The early Black Sabbath songs showed elements of the blues, jazz and rock. They had their share of playing cover songs of such known musicians as Jimi Hendrix and Cream.

Their pioneering musical style that eventually made them famous actually came out by accident. While on a rehearsing break on the studio, talk led to how people would strangely pay to see movies that intent to scare and shock. This gave the band an idea to make music that way- aimed to scare and to shock people.

So Black Sabbath began to write very dark and ominous songs which were quite a departure from the prevalent popular music during that time. The songs were intended to be the music’s answer to horror movies. And with their self-titled debut album released in the 13th of Friday in 1970, they helped paved the way for the birth of heavy metal and its breakthrough into mainstream popularity.

Despite being ridiculed as a dismal record by a number of music critics during that time, the Black Sabbath album went on to rise into the charts of both in the US and the United Kingdom, proof that quite a lot of new rock music fans have been looking for a brand new kind of music which this heavy metal pioneer was able to dish out.

Black Sabbath eventually went on to come out with other popular albums in the ensuing years that further helped pave the way for other bands to be influenced and later developed this type of music into a whole new different genre in rock music. For most of their careers, they received little critical praise for their music. It took until the late 80’s and the early 1990’s that the music industry was able to change their view of the band, especially on their pioneering influence in the heavy metal field.

Black Sabbath was also known for their outrageous and shocking antics on their live performances. Their songs received much radio airplay despite the ongoing controversies that clouded this relatively "new" type of music that Black Sabbath was making. With all the controversies surrounding the band as well as bringing into light the coming of heavy metal music, Black Sabbath was able to enjoy immense success all over the world that made the band sell over 70 million albums since they started.

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