Status Quo Biography

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Status Quo BandBand Information

Music Style: Hard Rock
Country: United Kingdom
Year: 1962- Present




Francis Rossi – Vocals / Lead Guitar
Rick Parfitt – Vocals / Guitar
Andy Bown – Keyboards
John ‘Rhino’ Edwards – Vocals / Bass Guitar
Matt Letley – Drums



John Coghlan
Alan Lancaster
Pete Kircher
Jeff Rich
Roy Lynes



Status Quo is an English rock band that hails from England. It was formed in 1967 by guitarist Francis Rossi and bassist Alan Lancaster although both have been playing with bands under different names since 1962. This successful band has been able to record over 60 chart hits in the UK, more than any other rock band in history.

The band started playing psyched ilia influenced rock music which gave the band its first taste in chart success. Some of their initial singles released in 1967 were able to chart and became hits. But subsequent releases later on failed commercially that led the band to chose a different musical direction. The band went on to create music with a boogie flavored hard rock sound.

The band scored a major breakthrough in 1972 when they released their first album for the label Vertigo which was well-respected in the heavy and progressive rock music circles. The hard rock influenced album, Piledriver, was released in 1972 and became the model for the future albums of the band until 1976. it was during this time that Status Quo became one of UK’s more popular rock bands and gained a considerable legion of fans through their live gigs.

This led to the band releasing hit singles from 1972 to 1975, most notable of which was "Down Down", a single released in January of 1975 that became the band’s only UK Number One single to date. Overall, the band has been able to sell over 118 million records worldwide.



Picturesque Matchstickable Messages from the Status Quo (Released 1968)

Spare Parts (Released 1969)

Ma Kelly’s Greasy Spoon (Released 1970)

Dog of Two Head (Released 1971)

Piledriver (Released 1972)

Hello! (Released 1973)

Quo (Released 1974)

On the Level (Released 1975)

Blue for You (Released 1976)

Rockin’ All Over the World (Released 1977)

If You Can’t Stand the Heat (Released 1978)

Whatever You Want (Released 1979)

Just Supposin’ (Released 1980)

Never Too Late (Released 1981)

1+9+8+2 (Released 1982)

Back to Back (Released 1983)

In The Army Now (Released 1986)

Ain’t Complaining (Released 1988)

Perfect Remedy (Released 1989)

Rock ‘Til You Drop (Released 1991)

Thirsty Work (Released 1995)

Don’t Stop (Released 1996)

Under The Influence (Released 1999)

Famous in the Last Century (Released 2000)

Heavy Traffic (Released 2002)

Riffs (Released 2003)

The Party Ain’t Over Yet (Released 2005)

In Search of the Fourth Chord (Released 2007)

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