Scorpions Biography

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The Scorpions is a hard rock band that was formed in Hanover, Germany that became widely popular all over the world in the 80’s. The band was known for their popular hits such as the 80’s rock anthem "Rock You Like a Hurricane", "Wind of Change", "Still Loving You" and "Send Me an Angel". In their fruitful career, the band was able to sell over 70 million albums worldwide.

The Scorpions was first formed when rhythm guitarist Rudolf Schenker set out to form a band in 1965. The first band was composed of Rudolf Schenker on guitars and vocals, Karl-Heinz Vollmer on lead guitar, Achim Kirschning on bass, and Wolfgang Dziony on drums.

This group was able to do well as they were able to release an album, Lonesome Crow and became popular in the German hard rock scene. This original group disbanded in 1972. Rudolf wanted to reform the band but not with the original line-up of the Scorpions.

Finally a band was formed that was composed of members of another band called the Dawn Road along with Rudolf, Kalus Meine and Uli Roth (a replacement guitarist) from the Scorpions. The new line-up of Schenker, Meine, and Roth along with Francis Buchholz on bass and Jurgen Rosenthal on drums was able to release an album entitled Fly to the Rainbow in 1974 which became more popular than the previous Scorpion album.

On their next album, In Trance, the band was able to come up with establishing a hard rock formula which made them even more recognized as a musical act both locally and abroad. They began their rise to popularity with a number of album releases which were met with critical acclaim as well as some series of controversies due to some of their risqué album covers.

The Scorpions first achieved commercial success as a band with the release of their album "Lovedrive". They have firmly established their hard rock formula of mixing hard rock songs with melodic ballads which made then quite popular. The album went on to reach number 55 on the US Charts, proving that the band has gained quite an international following.

Their most successful album which cemented their status as rock superstars worldwide, Love at First Sting, was released in 1984 and became double platinum in just a few months. The album contained their massive hit, "Rock You Like A Hurricane" and the power ballad "Still Loving You". Their music videos garnering significant airtime on MTV further propelled the album to success.

Their world tours were also huge successes as the band was widely accepted in every international venue that they played in. In 1987, they became the second Western band ever to play in the Soviet Union with their concert staged in then Leningrad (present day St. Petersburg). The Scorpion continues to function as an active band despite a number of line-up changes over the years. They are still making albums as well as go on world tours to further provide their fans with a dose of their type of hard rock music.