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New Order BandThe English rock group New Order was formed in 1980 composed of Bernard Sumner on vocals and guitar, Peter Hook on bass and electronic drums, and Stephen Morris on drums and synthesizers. This lineup was an offshoot of the band Joy Division which dissolved after the suicide of their frontman Ian Singer.

It was a tragedy that gave birth to the band, New Order. From 1976 to 1980, the band members were also part of another well known post-punk band Joy Division which also enjoyed modest success from the release of their two albums. Joy Division’s demise came when vocalist Ian Curtis committed suicide in the middle of the band’s tour promoting their second album.

This prompted the other remaining members to reform as another band and continue on with their careers that might have been otherwise cut short by the tragedy. They renamed their new band New Order out of an agreement that they would cease to call themselves Joy Division in case one of the members should leave the band.

Now Order went on to make Sumner as the vocalist of the group aside from handling guitar duties. The band later on took the services of Gillian Gilbert as additional keyboardist and guitarist. Their first release as a new band was Movement which still followed the style that they used as Joy Division but with an increasing use of synthesizers.

They were able to have a change in musical direction when they went to New York city in 1981 and immersed themselves in the city’s dance scene. While there, the band was able to add up other influences into their music such as post disco, electronic and some Latin freestyle.

The band eventually went on to release a number of albums which showed a dramatic change from their previous works. New Order began to make use of early techno music and combined it with their earlier guitar-based sound and some electronically sequenced arrangements. Their most popular hit was the single "Blue Monday" which later on became the best selling 12-inch single of all time.

New Order was able to combine post-punk music with electronic dance to come up with their unique sound that made them into a critically acclaimed band in the 1980’s. Their works became notable influences that gave way to the development of alternative rock as well as dance music.

The band was also known for releasing their albums in unique but minimalist style package that eventually attracted the attention of quite a number of fans. Other notable songs in their collection include "Bizarre Love Triangle", "The Perfect Kiss", and "True Faith".

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