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Deep PurpleDeep Purple is an English hard rock band that was considered as one of the pioneers of the heavy metal genre along with Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath. They formed in 1968 in Hertfordshire. The most successful line-up of the band included Ian Gillan on vocals, Ritchie Blackmore on lead guitar, Jon Lord on keyboards, Roger Glover on bass and Ian Paice on drums.

Deep Purple first taste of stardom was when their cover of Joe South’s song "Hush" became a tremendous success on US shores and was able to reach the number four spot on the charts in 1968. Because of the success of their single, they eventually went onstage as a supporting band for Cream on their Goodbye tour. But not long after, they were left off the said tour, the reason which was claimed to be outshining the headlining act.

In the next few years, the Deep Purple released several albums that didn’t receive much success. The band also went through a series of lineup changes along the way that eventually led them to the lineup that provided them the most success of their careers. It was also during this time (1970-76) that they have begun changing their musical style by looking for a heavier sound that eventually became what is now known as heavy metal music.

Deep Purple, along with Led Zep and Black Sabbath were slowly laying the groundwork for which will later become a new genre of rock music. Thanks to their musical influences, rock fans were beginning to catch some interest into this new heavy rock sound and began to take on fans.

Soon after, subsequent albums led Deep Purple to release such poplar songs as "Highway Star", "Smoke on the Water", and "Lazy". Their album entitles Machine Head became one of their most famous albums that includes live tracks of the previously mentioned songs among other hard rocking hits contained in the album.

After a series of problems brought the band into several instances of further lineup changes as well as split ups which occurred on the late 70’s. With the break up, some of the members continued on by doing their separate solo projects and eventually came back together for a reunion in 1984 where the band was able to record three albums that sold well worldwide and seemed to revive the career for the band. But creative as well as personal differences led the band to somehow break up again. Deep Purple eventually was revived as a band which currently only has Ian Paice as the original member remaining.

Deep Purple, aside from being influential in the birth of heavy metal music in the late 60’s, was also considered by many as one of the greatest rock bands ever to come out of that tumultuous decade and the next. Overall, the band was able to sell over 100 million albums worldwide, proof to their wide reaching popularity. With their type of hard rocking music, they were able to influence other rock bands who were aiming to emulate their heavy metal sound and their musical versatility.

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