Danzig Biography

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Danzing BandBand Information

Music Style: Heavy Metal, Industrial Metal, Blues Rock, Hard Rock
Country: United States
Year: 1987- Present



Glenn Danzig
Johnny Kelly
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Steve Zing


Eerie Von
John Christ
Chuck Biscuits
Joey Castillo
Josh Lazie
Todd Youth
Howie Pyro


Danzig is an American heavy metal band that hails from New Jersey. The band was formed after the dissolution of the band, Samhain. The band’s singer, Glenn Danzig, was asked by a Def Jam scout to sign up with the label after hearing his vocal abilities and powerful stage persona. This led to the formation of Danzig in 1987.

The band was known for their fusion of dark lyrics with blues inspired hard rock. It was also a musical outlet for singer and songwriter Glenn Danzig who started out with founding the horror punk genre. The band was able to release eight albums that also showed the band’s evolution from a blues based hard rock band to one that included industrial rock on their songs later on.


Danzig – Released 1988
Lucifuge – Released 1990
How the Gods Kill – Released 1992
4 – Released 1994
Blackacidevil – Released 1996
Satan’s Child – Released 1999
I Luciferi – Released 2002
Circle of Snakes – 2004

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