Audioslave Biography

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Chris Cornell, Lead Vocals
Tom Morello, Guitar
Tim Commerford, Bass and Back-up Vocals
Brad Wilk, Drums


Audioslave was formed at a time when another band broke up. Sometime in October of 2000, Zach de la Rocha decided to leave the band Rage Against the Machine due to supposedly creative differences.

The three other members of the band, Morello, Commerford and Wilk, decided to stay together and sought out a replacement for de la Rocha. They were able to meet with Chris Cornell of Soundgarden who agreed to fill in the vacant spot in the band. What came out was the new band, Audioslave.

The start for the new band wasn’t that smooth. There were rumors that the band was breaking up even before they were able to come up with their first album.

The problems was brought about by the handling of their previous management companies that added up to the pressure that they were facing at that time. All these were resolved when the group decided to change to a new management company to handle them as Audioslave.

In August of 2002, after all the management problems were straightened out, Audioslave came up with their first single entitled Cochise.

They eventually came out with a full length self-titled studio album in November of 2002 that was able to obtain a triple platinum status along the way. Constant touring gained positive reviews for them and went on to record two more albums in 2005 and in 2006.

The band took the route towards disbanding when Chris Cornell announced sometime in February of 2007 that he is permanently leaving the band citing creative and musical differences along with personality conflicts with the other band members.

Notable Songs

Cochise, Wide Awake, Shape Of things To Come


(November 19, 2002)

Out of Exile
(May 24, 2005)

(September 5, 2006)

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