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The DoorsThe Doors was a popular American band during the 60’s that was known for being one of the most controversial bands to come out of that era.

They were controversial in way due to their iconic front man, Jim Morrison’s unpredictable stage persona as well as the cryptic lyrics of their songs. The band is composed of Morrison on vocals along with Ray Manzarek on keyboards, John Densmore on drums and Robby Krieger on guitar.

The band had its beginnings when Jim Morrison and Ray Manzarek first met while both were attending film school at UCLA sometime in 1965. It was Manzarek who suggested that they should form a band upon hearing Morrison singing a self-composed song, the former quite impressed with Morrison’s songwriting.

At that time, Manzarek was already with a band but decided to form a new band with Morrison along with Manzarek’s friend John Densmore. They later recruited Robby Kreiger to handle the guitar in order to complete their line-up.

The Doors started their career in music by playing live performances in clubs, most notably at The London Fog Club and eventually, at the Whiskey a Go Go. It was at the "Whiskey" that the band was discovered by Elektra Records when its president was present at the club during The Door’s performance. Their performance led to the band being signed for a record contract in 1966.

By 1967, the band was able to release their self-titled debut album that featured the songs "Break on Through" and "Light My Fire". The songs proved to be smashing hits that established the group as one of the emerging bands of 1967. They followed it up with several other albums that were met with mixed reviews. But the band by this time had become famous for more than their music.

The Doors was becoming known in the music scene as a rebellious live act. Morrison became an instant sex symbol with his irresistible stage presence as well as for his skin-tight leather trousers. Along with the highly suggestive lyrics of their songs and the antics of Morrison, they became a very controversial band that usually landed them on the worst side of things but made them popular all the more.

The band described their music as clean and pure sound. They were also known for their live performances that excluded the bass guitar. Their songs were mostly the product of group collaboration with Morrison doing most of the lyrical work. The band was still enjoying some level of popularity in the 70’s when Morrison was found dead in his residence in Paris on July of 1971 at the young age of 27.

Morrison’s death ended the run for the band that was able to sold over 76 million albums worldwide to date. Even today, the mystery and the charisma that the late Jim Morrison was able to carve out during his lifetime have made The Doors one of the most influential and probably one of the greatest bands in rock.

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