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The AnimalsThe Animals was an English rock band formed in the 60’s that became a big part of the British Invasion, a time when a number of rock and roll bands became popular in the United States as well as other parts of the world.

The band was known for their gritty and bluesy sound most notably recognized in their most popular hit song, "House of the Rising Sun". They eventually became an influence to the emerging psychedelic rock scene during the 60’s before they disbanded.

The original lineup of The Animals was composed of Eric Burdon on vocals, Alan Price on organ and keyboards, Hilton Valentine on guitar, John Steel on drums, and Bryan "Chas" Chandler on bass. The band was formed in 1962 when Burdon first joined in with the Alan Price Rhythm and Blues Combo in which the other members of The Animals were already a part of.

The moderate success that they achieved in their hometown in Newcastle eventually motivated them to move to London in order to aspire for greater success. The year was 1964 and was just in time for the British Invasion of the rock and roll world is set to begin.

The band eventually signed up with Columbia Gramophone where they released their first single, the rocking version of the song "Baby Let Me Follow You Down" which they retitled as "Baby Let Me Take You Home". Then came their huge hit remake of the song "House of the Rising Sun", which was considered to be the very first folk rock hit.

Their specialties during the height of their popularity were doing intense and gritty pop covers. It was Burdon’s dramatic and deep voice and the musical arrangements making best use of the keyboard and the guitar that made their sound stand out from the rest.

The Animals’ stint at the top was a bit short lived as the band began to feel some internal tension among them by the middle of 1965. Certain musical and personal differences were beginning to surface that led to the departure of Alan Price from the group. Along the years, the band also went through a number of personnel changes. After releasing a set of hit singles, the band eventually disbanded by 1969.

The Animals briefly reunited in 1977 for an album and then again in 1983 for an album tour. Other incarnations of the band later on arose which was comprised by some of the members of the original lineup. For their contributions to the development of rock music, The Animals were inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1994.

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