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WeezerWeezer is an American rock band that hailed from Los Angeles, California. The band formed on February 14, 1992 and was originally composed of vocalist and guitarist Rivers Cuomo, drummer Patrick Wilson, bassist Matt Sharp, and guitarist Jason Cropper.

After just five weeks from getting the band together, they saw themselves opening for Dogstar (known for its celebrity member, Keanu Reeves) on Hollywood Boulevard. After that, the band continued playing at clubs and other small venues in the area. They were eventually discovered and signed in June of 1993 to the label DGC which later became Interscope.

Almost a year after being signed by their label, Weezer came up with their self titled debut album on May of 1994. During the recording of the said album, bassist Cropper left the band and was replaced by Brian Bell. The first single of the band "Undone- The Sweater Song", became an instant video hit on MTV.

The second single "Buddy Holly" also had a heavy rotation on MTV and went on to give the band four MTV Video Music Awards as well as two Billboard Music Video Awards. It was the band’s heavy rotation on MTV that provided Weezer with entry into the mainstream spotlight. The album went on to earn a triple platinum status in terms of sales in the US.

Weezer’s second album, Pinkerton, was released in 1996 but suffered through weak initial sales and was considered as a commercial failure initially. But it eventually got through its rough start and gained slowly from enduring sales. Later on, the album became one of the most highly regarded albums to come out of the 90’s. After the rather disappointing initial performance of their second album despite their best efforts of promoting it through touring, the band went on a hiatus in 1997.

After about a year in hiatus doing their own projects and performing on several occasions, the band got together in 1998 in Los Angeles with the exception of bassist Matt Sharp who officially left the band in April of the same year. After some months of rehearsing together, tension begins to build up due to creative disagreements between band members. It eventually broke down their rehearsals and led to a temporary lull as the band once again separated ways.

The band eventually got back together in 2000 to play in the Fuji Festival in Japan. It helped in giving the band a renewed vigor to start over and they began doing demos and going on live performances but under the pseudonym of Goat Punishment. They took back the Weezer name when they played on the Warped Tour on June of 2000 where they were well received and was booked for more dates of tours during the summer.

In 2001, the band went to record a third album, Weezer (2001). The album began to attract renewed interest for the band as the videos for their hit singles "Hash Pipe" and "Island in the Sun" enjoyed a heavy rotation on MTV. The album went on to peak at the number four spot in the US Charts, sell over a million copies and was certified platinum. Other albums followed that received mixed reviews from critics and fans alike.

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