Starsailor Biography

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Band Information

Music: Indie rock

Country: Lancashire, England

Year: 2000 – present


Band Line-up:

Ben Byrne

James Stelfox

James Walsh

Barry Westhead

Starsailor Biography

Bassist James Stelfox and drummer Ben Byrne had been playing together and recruited young singer and songwriter James Walsh as a substitute for their original singer who fell ill. They asked long time friend Barry Westhead to join the band in 2000 on keyboards. Together they formed the band Starsailor.

A journalist from NME saw a gig in 2000 and gave the band a glowing review at the Glastonbury Festival which added to the band’s reputation and led to a bidding war amongst UK record companies. The band signed with EMI in 2000.

Starsailor Discography


Love Is Here (2001)

Silence Is Easy (2003)

On the Outside (2005)


Starsailor Trivia

The band was formerly named Waterface before having their name changed to Starsailor after the 1970 album Starsailor by Tim Buckley.

Walsh and Byrne are Liverpool supporters. Barry Westhead is a Wigan Athletic fan, whilst Stelfox attends Manchester United games frequently.

Before it was released as a single, ‘Sky Sports’ used an instrumental version of "Four to the Floor" featured as background music for various televised International Cricket tours.