R.E.M. Biography

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REMREM was one of the first American alternative rock bands to gain considerable attention during the 1980’s. They were formed in Athens, Georgia composed of Michael Stipe on vocals, Peter Buck on guitars, Mike Mills on bass, and Bill Berry on drums.

They started as an underground band that created a number of albums that were critically acclaimed releases. With their constant touring and the popular support of college radio, they were able to gain a wide following among rock fans and enjoy quite an underground success for a band of their stature during that time.

It was sometime in 1987 that they were able to break into the mainstream with their hit song, "The One I Love". This song was the band’s first hit single that reached the ninth top spot on the Billboard Hot 100 Charts and later on reached the number 16th spot on the UK Singles Chart on its release there in 1991. They eventually signed to major label Warner Bros. Records in 1988 and started their way enjoying mainstream success.

REM was considered as one of the pioneers of alternative rock in the early 90’s, the time when they were able to release their highly successful albums. Their "Out of Time" album in 1991 and "Automatic for the People" in 1992 were critically acclaimed best sellers that sold for over 20 million copies combined.

They were a very productive band in their own right in that they were able to come up with 13 studio albums to date aside from their several singles, compilation albums and EP’s that were able to enjoy considerable success on the mainstream.

Between 1991 and 1994, REM was able to enjoy a period of immense commercial success where they were able to sell an estimated 30 million albums worldwide. They were considered as top runners for the title of the biggest rock band in the world during this period along with U2.

REM was also known to be a band that wanted to highlight a number of social and political issues on their songs. Not only that, they were considered as a man core in the development of the alternative rock genre. They were considered as the starting point wherein post-punk evolved into the alternative rock, with the band’s distinctive rock sound with folk-styled vocals.

REM also provided inspiration for quite a number of underground artists to break into the mainstream and also achieve success in their own right. REM provided the way wherein bands with strong musical sensibilities can break into the mainstream music without having to sacrifice musical creativity and originality for commercial success.

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