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RadioheadRadiohead is an English rock band that was formed in 1986 which first gained popularity by way of their hit single "Creep". The band is composed of Thom Yorke on vocals, Jonny Greenwood on guitar, Ed O’Brien on rhythm guitar, Colin Greenwood on bass and synthesizers and Phil Selway on drums. They started out as a band that was formed while all of the members were attending Abington School, a public school in Oxfordshire.

The early success of the band started while doing live performances in Oxfordshire and the Thames Valley until a number of major labels started to get their notice. Sometime in late 1991, Radiohead was able to sign up with EMI with their debut album, "Pablo Honey" released sometime in late 1992. With its release came their hit single "Creep" although it first got some bad press in home shores.

Unexpectedly, the single got a more favorable response from rock fans in the US and eventually got a heavy rotation on MTV which drove the single to reach more rock fans and therefore gain more popularity. "Creep" eventually reached on the Top 2 of the Billboard Modern Rock Charts.

It also gained renewed popularity in the UK brought by the US wave and sent the single to reach number seven on the UK charts. They then went on a US tour to support their hit single and brought them more exposure to a lot of their fans.

Soon after, they were able to come up with other critically acclaimed albums, most notably by the release of "OK Computer" in March of 1997. From this album, Radiohead showed their evolving style by introducing ore uncommon musical elements on their songs as well as broader experimentation with song structures electronica and ambient noise.

It came out to widespread acclaim with such hits as "Karma Police", "Paranoid Android", and "No Surprises". "OK Computer" became the bands first number one UK album chart debut and even won the band’s first Grammy Award for Best alternative Album.

Radiohead went on to create other critically acclaimed albums along the way and went on doing live performances all over the world on their world tour. At the end of 2004, after actively going on tours internationally, the band went on a hiatus as it marked the end of their contractual obligations to their record company. Some members went on to do some solo projects.

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