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OasisOasis is an English rock band that was formed by the brothers Noel and Liam Gallagher. The band was formed in Manchester sometime in 1991.

After about a year of doing live shows, Oasis, now composed of Noel Gallagher on guitar and vocals, Liam Gallagher on guitars and vocals, Paul Arthurs on rhythm guitar, Paul McGuigan on bass and Tony McCarroll on drums, got their first break when they were spotted by the co-owner of the label Creation Records at a performance in 1992. He was so impressed with the band that he signed the band to a contract four days later.

Their debut album, Definitely Maybe, came out in 1994 and entered the UK charts at number one, fueled by the success of its singles "Live Forever" and "Supersonic" which were released months earlier. The band’s debut album is considered as one of the fastest selling debut albums in the UK. It became seven times platinum just after the album was released. The success spilled over to the US where the album sold for over a million copies.

But the year of constant performances and recordings along with the typical rock n’ roll lifestyle that the band followed took its toll. Their immediate success was something that they did not expect and the strain that it placed upon them almost came to a breaking point when the band was doing a performance in Los Angeles in September of 1994.

Liam, who was high on crystal meth, began hurling insults at the American audience and even attacked his brother Noel with a tambourine. It led to Noel quitting the band but later on rejoined Oasis in a Texas recording studio to record new material for their next album.

The band next released a single, "Some Might Say" from their upcoming second album, (What’s the Story) Morning Glory? in April of 1995. The single went up to number one on the UK Singles Charts. By the time the band released its second album in October of the same year, it had gathered quite an incredible response from fans that it eventually sold 19 million copies worldwide.

1996 saw the band reaching the zenith of their career playing sold out concerts. It also saw the band claim a number of awards as well, most notably at the BRIT Awards. 1997 saw the band releasing their third album that was met with such excited anticipation among fans. Be Here Now eventually sold 423,000 copies upon its release, making it the fastest selling album in UK history.

Their next album Standing on the Shoulder of Giants was released on February of 2000 but was not able to capture the success of their previous albums. The band seemed to experience a lull in their careers although they were able to release subsequent albums.

A resurgence of their popularity came on May, 2005 on the release of their sixth studio album Don’t Believe the Truth which entered the UK charts at the top spot. It contained three singles that became hits and showed that the band can still attract fans with their music even after 10 years when they first became most popular.

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