My Chemical Romance Biography

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My Chemical RomanceBand Information

Music Style:  Alternative Rock
Country: United States
Year: 2001- Present



Gerard Way – lead vocals
Ray Toro – lead guitars, backing vocals
Frank Iero – rhythm guitars, backing vocals (2002 – present)
Mikey Way – bass
Bob Bryar – drums, percussion (2004 – present)


Matt Pelissier – drums (2001 – 2004)


My Chemical Romance, also known as MCR by fans, is an award winning America rock band that hails from Jersey City, New Jersey. The band was formed by front man Gerard Way along with ex-drummer Matt Pelissier about a week after the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center in 2001. The event influenced Gerard greatly that he decided to form the band.

My Chemical Romance singed up with Eyeball Records shortly and was able to release their debut album, I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love in 2001. The band initially got some mainstream attention while playing at the popular music venue, Big Daddy’s. In 2003, the band signed up with Reprise Records and released their second album, Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge in 2004. A year after going on tour to promote the album, the band enjoyed mainstream success as it reached platinum status powered by their popular singles, "I’m Not Okay (I Promise)", "Helena" and "The Ghost of You".

The band considers their music as simply rock music. They reject the idea that they are emo the band cite musical influences to include, Queen, Thursday, Iron Maiden, Morissey and the Smashing Pumpkins. The band members were also influenced by comic books and horror stories while growing up and try to base their music, lyrics, and image with elements of fantasy, horror, and theatrics.


I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love- Released 2002
Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge- Released 2004
The Black Parade- Released 2006


Brothers Gerard and Mikey Way are part of the band. Mikey got hold of the demo that the new band made and liked it so much that he dropped out of school and learned how to play bass just to be a part of his elder Brother Gerard’s band.

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