Lostprophets Biography

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LostprophetsBand Information

Music Style:  Alternative Rock, Alternative Metal, Hard Rock

Country: United Kingdom

Year: 1997- Present

Website:  www.lostprophets.com



Ian Watkins – Vocals (1997-present)
Lee Gaze – Lead Guitar (1997-present)
Mike Lewis – Rhythm Guitar (1999-present, Bass 1997-1999)
Stuart Richardson – Bass (1999-present)
Jamie Oliver – Keyboards, Back-up vocals, Turntables (2000-present)
Ilan Rubin – Drums (2006-Present)


Mike Chiplin – Drums (1997-2005)
DJ Stepzak – Turntables (1997-2000)


Lostprophets is a Welsh alternative rock band that was formed in a town near Cardiff, Wales in 1997. It was formed by guitarist Mike Lewis and drummer Ian Watkins who were both members of another band. The band started out as part of the developing South Wales hardcore music scene.

While playing gigs across Wales, the band also conducted tours on the UK’s toilet circuit, a network of music venues in the UK where upcoming independent bands play to promote themselves. Along the way, they released several early demos as they continued to refine their sound.

Sometime in 1998, the band caught the attention of Kerrang! Magazine that offered the band a gig in London. In February of 2000, the band signed up with the label Visible Noise and released their debut album, The Fake Sound of Progress. In the US, the band eventually signed up with Columbia Records.

The band slowly gained an increasing following as they did live shows in support to popular acts like Linkin Park, Deftones and Taproot. The band has so far released three studio albums that were commercial successes, with their last album, Liberation Transmission able to reach the top spot in the UK Album Charts in 2006.


Thefakesoundofprogress – Released 2001
Start Something – Released 2004
Liberation Transmission – Released 2006

Lostprophets Trivia

The band’s name was taken from a bootleg vinyl recording of a 1988 Duran Duran concert in Milan, Italy.

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