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IncubusIncubus is an American alternative band that hailed from California. It was composed of vocalist Brandon Boyd, guitarist Mike Einzinger, drummer Jose Pasillas and bassist Alex Katunich. The band formed in 1991but was named joey badafooko. The band started while they were just 15 year olds and in high school. The groups started playing as a band at parties and clubs.

The band released their first full length album by themselves by pressing a thousand disks out of their own pockets. But they were already having regular gigs at some local clubs in their area. In 1996, after the band has been able to generate a growing fan base and combining a unique mix of musical styles, began to get the attention of some labels. They eventually signed with Immortal/Epic Records and was able to release an EP Enjoy Incubus in 1997.

The same year, 1997, saw the band releasing their second studio album S.C.I.E.N.C.E. they went on tour to promote their new album. The album eventually sold over 100,000 copies. They followed it up with Make Yourself in 1999. Interest in the band grew as their single "Pardon Me" began to generate interest in radio stations.

As interest and growing radio airplay followed, the band went to release a six song EP When Incubus Attacks which sold nearly 40,000 copies in its first week alone, even reaching the number 41 spot on the Billboard Album Charts. by 2000 the album went platinum and its third single "Drive" went on top of the Modern Rock Charts as well as reaching the Top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart.

Other albums followed that further gained acceptance and good reviews from fans and critics alike. 2000 saw them enjoying the peak of their success as they released album after album along with constant touring which further endeared their type of music to more and more people.

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