Gin Blossoms Biography

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Gin BlossomsBand Information

Music Style: Alternative Rock, Power Pop
Country: United States
Year: 1987- 1997, 2002- Present



Jesse Valenzuela
Bill Leen
Scott Johnson
Robin Wilson


Doug Hopkins
Chris McCann
Phillip Rhodes
Richard Taylor


Gin Blossoms is a successful American alternative rock band that hailed from Tempe, Arizona. They formed sometime in 1987 and started their career by playing on the local clubs. They slowly became popular in the local music scene in their hometown in Tempe, Arizona. National touring further increased their popularity that led them to record and independently release their first album, Dusted.

In the 1990’s, the band was able to sign a record contract with A&M Records and released their first major label album, New Miserable Experience in 1992. Powered by its lead single, "Hey Jealousy" which reached into the top 40 charts, the album eventually sold well commercially and went on to reach multi-platinum status. Their next album also produced a top ten hit in "Follow You Down". The band broke up in 1997 but has reunited again in 2002 to do some shows as well as release a new record.


Dusted – Released 1989
New Miserable Experience – Released August 4, 1992
Congratulations… I’m Sorry- Released February 13, 1996
Major Lodge Victory – Released August 8, 2006


The name Gin Blossoms was taken from a photo of W. C. Fields with a caption, "W. C. Fields with gin blossoms".

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