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GenesisGenesis is an English rock band that was formed by founding members Peter Gabriel and Tony Banks sometime in 1967. The original band members were part of other school bands with Anthony Phillips on guitar, Tony Banks on keyboards, Peter Gabriel on vocals, Mike Rutherford on bass and Chris Stewart on drums.

The band was discovered and by a record producer and was able to make their debut album, From Genesis to Revelation which was released under Decca Records. The sound of the band then was influenced by the light pop style of the Bee Gees and the Beatles. Although the album sold poorly, the band was still optimistic of continuing on their musical careers.

During the ensuing years, the band went through with several line-up changes before they secured a new recording contract with Charisma Records. Along the way, they were able to build up a fan base with their live performances. Prior to that, the band was able to come out with their second album Trespass.

This album was considered to be the model of what their subsequent albums in the 70’s were about. The album contained some lengthy serious pieces along with some short humorous numbers that already delved in the progressive sound direction.

By the 70’s, Genesis had a renewed line up consisting of Banks on keyboards, Gabriel on vocals, Rutherford on bass along with new replacements Phil Collins on drums and Steve Hackett on guitar. By 1971, the band came out with their next album, Nursery Cryme and was followed by Selling England by the Pound in 1973.

In 1974, Genesis developed a concept album The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway that was followed by a world tour that saw the band integrating the use of lasers and other light effects to provide additional stunning visuals. In fact, Genesis is considered to be one of the pioneers of using lasers for effects on their concerts.

After the Lamb tour, the band saw the departure of their charismatic front man Peter Gabriel in 1975, citing the feeling of estrangement from the other members. This led the band to decide on making drummer Phil Collins, who previously contributed vocals on some of their songs, to replace Gabriel as the band’s front man. Bill Bruford was later hired to take Collins’ duties on drums. The band continued to produce four more albums that enjoyed relative success in the UK.

The 80’s saw the band enjoying bigger successes as their music also began to evolve. It also saw the band go on a temporary hiatus and the remaining members Banks, Rutherford and Collins went on to do solo projects. The band then got back together and continued on releasing successful albums.

By this time, their sound has evolved from the progressive influenced songs in the 70’s to a lighter and more mainstream pop tunes. The band also began to make use of the drum machine as well as other effects such as the gated reverb that have been integrated into most of their songs.

1986 saw the band releasing their highest-selling album, Invisible Touch. The title track went on to become number one in the US. The album went on to go six times platinum and was accompanied by a similarly successful tour. The band then went on a hiatus for five years as the band members concentrated on their solo projects.

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