Evanescence Biography

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EvanescenceBand Information

Music: Alternative Rock

Country: USA

Year: 1998-present

Website: www.evanescence.com

Band Line-up:


Amy Lee – Vocals and Piano
John LeCompt – Guitar
Rocky Gray – Drums
William Boyd – Bass
Terry Balsamo – Guitar


Ben Moody – Lead guitar
David Hodges – Keyboards

Evanescence Biography

Evanescence was founded by singer, pianist and songwriter Amy Lee and Ben Moody (now a defunct member). At first they had a hard time to find other musicians to play with and they lack funds to afford professional assistance. With two of their songs, "Understanding," and "Give Unto Me," they gained local popularity and number of supporters increased.

Their first full length album, Origin, was relatively unknown and only 2.500 copies were released. They got international fame through their second yet first major album, "Fallen." The song "Bring Me To Life" helped propel them to popularity, even garnering recognition from 2004 Grammy Awards. Eventually, Evanescence was awarded as Best New Artist.

Moody left the band in October 2003, due to creative differences, and was replaced by Terry Balsamo.

Their second album, The Open Door, was released in 2006, opening with the single, "Call Me When You’re Sober."

Evanescence Discography

2000 Origin
2003 Fallen
2004 Anywhere but Home
2006 The Open Door

Evanescence Trivia

Paul McCoy, from the band 12 Stones, featured in the chorus of Evanescence’s first hit song, "Bring Me To Life

"Even In Death" was the first song Evanescence ever sang live on radio.

The song "Call Me When You’re Sober" was rumored to have been written for Amy Lee’s ex boyfriend, Shaun Morgan (the lead singer from the band, Seether) soon after their break-up

The band went by several short-lived names, including "Striken" and "Childish Intentions", before choosing "Evanescence".