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Dave Matthews BandDave Matthews Band is an American rock band that was formed in 1991 by its namesake vocalist, Dave Matthews. The band first formed in Charlottesville, Virginia and was primarily composed of Dave Matthews on guitars and vocals, saxophonist LeRoi Moore, bassist Stefan Lessard, electric violinist Boyd Tinsley and drummer Carter Beauford.

Although not considered as a member of the band officially, keyboardist Butch Taylor has also been a constant fixture in many Dave Matthews Band performances since 1998.

The band had its start when Dave Matthews, then a bartender at Miller’s Bar was convinced by a bar frequent and friend Ross Hoffman to make song demos after hearing a few of Dave’s songs. This prompted Dave to look for other musicians to help him fill up some studio work for the demos.

He eventually was able to meet Carter Beauford to play on drums as well as LeRoi Moore to do saxophone duties for him on the studio. Looking to add more instruments for the songs, Matthews got Stefan Lessard, then just sixteen years old, to play the bass.

Although their time together was not meant to extend beyond completing the demo, the quartet liked playing together and continued on to perform live performances. Violinist Boyd Tinsley eventually joined the band. The band did their first public show at the 1991 Earth Day Festival in Charlottesville. Local performances around clubs followed until the news of the band’s unique and distinctive sound began to spread.

At around this time, the band didn’t have an official band name. A story of how the band was so named when someone from the band called up a place where they were booked to play and said to just put Dave Matthews on the list and a band will show up. The person who took the call wrote Dave Matthews and then the word "Band" next to it. The name clicked and the band stuck with it.

The band went on to release its debut album, Remember Two Things on November of 1993 under its own Bama Rags label. In contained some songs from their live performances from different locations. The album became the highest charted independent entry on the college charts. The album was certified platinum by 2002 by the RIAA, quite an achievement for an independent album. Along the way, the band began to establish a growing fan base.

In September of 1994, the band released their first LP, Under the Table and Dreaming. It was followed by probably their most successful album, Crash, which was released in April of 1996. This album earned for the band the Grammy Award for Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals. It also contained the successful hits, "Crash Into Me", "Too Much" and "Tripping Billies". Their success as a band continued on to the next decade with the release of several live and studio albums as well as a number of live performances all over the world.

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