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CreedCreed was a popular American rock band that formed on 1995 in Tallahassee, Florida. The band was formed by vocalist Scott Stapp and guitarist Mark Tremonti who were friends in high school. They later on added Brian Marshall on bass and drummer Scott Phillips to complete their band line-up.

Creed first started working at a small live music bar in their area. Their sound so impressed the music bar owner Jeff Hanson that he let the band play at bigger venues also being owned by Hanson. Hanson also convinced a producer to help produce an album for the band. This led the band to come up with their debut album in 1997, My Own Prison, independently released and distributed initially to Florida radio stations.

The album began to generate popular radio airplay and caught the attention of several labels but later on passed up signing the band. Creed eventually ended signing up with Wind-Up Records. Their independent album was then re-released under the Wind-Up label and then distributed across the country.

Creed’s debut album became a surprise success as it was able to reach the top 40 spot on the Billboard 200 Charts. The success of the debut album led the band to come up with their follow up, Human Clay, which was released in 1999. It debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 Album Chart fueled by the popularity of its single, "Higher".

The single eventually spent several weeks at the top of the rock radio charts. Early 2000 saw the single cross over to the Billboard Pop Chart where it landed on the top 10. The follow-up single "With Arms Wide Open" also reached number one later the same year.

2001 saw Creed releasing their third, and last, album Weathered. The album also debuted at number 1 on the Billboard Top 200 chart and remained there for 8 straight weeks. The album contained the hit singles "My Sacrifice" and "One Last Breath". The album eventually became 6 times platinum and is considered as one of the top 200 best selling albums of all time in the US.

Creed announced its break up on June 4, 2004 brought about by creative differences within the group. Front man Scott Stapp eventually recorded a solo album while the remaining band members formed a new band named Alter Bridge. There were rumor that Creed would be headed the reunion way although other members besides Stapp have considered Creed as a thing of the past.

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