Bush Biography

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Gavin Rossdale, Vocals, Guitar
Robin Goodridge, Drums, Percussion
Chris Traynor, Guitar


Dave Parsons, Bass
Sacha Putnam, Keyboards
Nigel Pulsford, Guitar


Bush is a grunge band that hailed from England that was formed in 1992. They were known for being the first British grunge act that became popular in America with their heavy guitar-driven music blending well with Rossdale’s guttural voice typical of the popular grunge music that was becoming popular during that time. In fact, Bush was first signed by an American label before they had a British label even though they originated from the UK. The band’s name was said to have originated from Shepherd’s Bush, London, the place where the band members used to live.

When they arrived in North America, the band had to change their name to BushX because there was a band in Canada during the 60’s that had the same name and held the rights to the said band name. The band, which was led by Dominic Troiano, allowed Rossdale’s band to use the name without the letter X provided that the band members donated 20,000 dollars each to specified charity foundations in Canada.

In 1995, they were able to release their debut album titled Sixteen Stone that became a major hit in the US. Three songs from the said album, "Little Things", "Comedown" and "Glycerine", was able to enter into the Top Ten of the Billboard Rock Charts. Along the way, "Comedown"and "Glycerine" eventually shot into the number one spot in the Modern Rock charts and had a successful crossover into the Top 40 Pop Charts as well.

Bush’s second album, Razorblade Suitcase fared better when it was released at the end of 1996 and entered the US Modern Rock Charts at number one and also had a good run in the UK. But it was only able to produce one major hit in "Swallowed". The album nevertheless were not able to compare in terms of sales when compared with their debut offering. Razorblade Suitcase was only able to achieve double platinum status.

In 1997, Bush released an album that was quite a departure from their previous ones. Deconstructed was a collection of electronic remixes but then the band reverted back during 1999 to their original sound when they came up with The Science of Things. In 2001 they released a more guitar-driven album in Golden Gate but was never able to accomplish the success of their previous offerings> Somewhat disappointed by the sale results, the band decided to split up in order to pursue different musical projects. The band is said to be on hold for the moment and has not officially disbanded with the possibility of getting back together in the future.

Notable Songs

Glycerine, Comedown, Little Things, Machinehead, Swallowed, Letting The Cables Sleep, The Chemicals Between Us