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BlurBlur is an English rock band that hailed from Colchester, England. The band is composed of keyboardist and vocalist Damon Albarn, guitarist and vocalist Graham Coxton, drummer Dave Rowntree, and bassist Alex James. The band had its origins as Seymour, a band formed by Albarn, Coxon and Rowntree when they were classmates at London’s Goldsmiths College.

Seymour became popular in the underground scene as an art rock band with their live shows. In 1989, they added bassist Alex James and then sent a demo to Food Records where the band eventually signed up in 1990. It was at this time that they renamed themselves as Blur. The band first toured around UK to test some new songs after which they released "She’s So High" in October of 1990. The single reached number 48 in the UK Charts. After releasing another hit single, the band went on to produce their debut album Leisure to positive results.

In 1993, the band released its second album, Modern Life is Rubbish which was well received in the UK. Their commercial breakthrough came with their 1994 album, Parklife which debuted in the UK charts at the top spot. It also had contained a string of hit singles one of which also spent some time on the US Charts. Parklife was able to reach triple platinum status in the UK.

1995 saw the band competing with rival UK band Oasis for UK band supremacy as they started what is now known as the Battle of Britpop. Blur eventually lost in this battle as Oasis went on to become the biggest band at that time. The band then went on to suffer from waning popularity. The stress nearly broke up the band. But with their problems resolved, the band went to the studio with renewed focus and started working on an album.

The band released a self titled album in 1997 that showed Albarn’s change from making pop songs to those with a more alternative rock feel. Two of its singles became hits not only in the UK but also in the US. The album went on to reach the number 61 spot on the Billboard Top 200 and received gold status in the US.

Their next album was even a great departure from what the band did on their Blur album. 13, which was released on 1999 saw the band taking on a more electronica infused sound. It helped the band attain cult status in the US with its accompanying music video on the song "Coffee and TV", which achieved popularity with its Milky character.

The band, after non stop touring around the world, began to tire out and went on a hiatus. The band members went on doing their side projects while resting. The band eventually reunited in 2003 to release Think Tank which was well received by fans and critics.