Angels and Airwaves Biography

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Angels and AirwavesBand Information

Music Style:  Alternative Rock
Country: United States
Year: 2005- Present



Tom DeLonge – Vocals, Rhythm Guitar (2005 – present)
David Kennedy – Lead Guitar, Electronic Drums (2005 – present)
Matt Wachter – Bass, Backing Vocals, Keyboards (2007 – present)
Adam Willard – Drums (2005 – present)


Ryan Sinn – Bass (2005 – 2007)


Angels and Airwaves is an American alternative rock band that was started by former Blink 182 guitarist and vocalist, Tom DeLonge. It was started when DeLonge began working on a solo project after Blink 182 announced their surprising hiatus from the music scene in February of 2005. The solo work led to the recording and release of We Don’t Need to Whisper in May of 2006.

The debut album of Angels and Airwaves was able to reach the number four spot on the Billboard 200 Charts and eventually went gold. The band then went to release another album after touring for about a year. The second album, I-Empire debuted at number nine at the Billboard 200 Chart with initial week sales of 66,000 units. But after that, sales of the album dropped considerably.


We Don’t Need to Whisper- Released 2006

I-Empire- Released 2007


Angels and Airwaves also became known as AVA which was taken from a logo that DeLonge designed for the band. The V is actually an inverted letter A. Ava is also the name of DeLonge daughter.

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