Alien Ant Farm Biography

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Band Information

Music Style: Alternative Rock, Alternative Metal, Rapcore
Country: United States
Year: 1996- Present



Dryden Mitchell- lead vocals, rhythm and acoustic guitar
Mike Cosgrove – drums, percussion
Tye Zamora – bass guitar, backing vocals
Terry Corso – lead guitar


Joe Hill
Alex Barreto


Alien Ant Farm is an American alternative rock band that hails from Riverside, California. The band formed in 1996 as a means to get out of the boredom of their day jobs. Prior to being signed up by a major label, the band already have been successful in the indie scene. Their debut album Greatest Hits in 1999 won Best Independent Album at the LA Music Awards. This led them to get signed with DreamWorks SKG as a major label act.

The band then went on to release their debut major album, ANThology in 2001. It contained the band’s cover of the Michael Jackson song, "Smooth Criminal". It proved to be a huge hit as it reached number one in the US Modern Rock Charts. The single also reached number one in Australia and New Zealand. The album also contained another hit song, "Movies". The album was able to reach platinum status not long after. The band was known for their quirky music videos as well as for their catchy songs.


ANThology – Released 2001
truANT – Released 2003
Up in the Attic – Released 2006